Kabkab Chicken Taco & More

If you’re craving for something that is unique in Baybay, D’ Koretor Asian Resto has got you covered—treat yourself in their innovative gastronomic approach in “kabkab” (cassava crisps).

The restaurant is tastefully-décored, complete with tiffany chairs

While “kabkab” is a popular Leyteño snack topped with “latik” (sweetened coconut syrup), D’ Koretor has ingeniously used chicken, cabbages and spices creating a new dish called “Chicken Taco” made of “kabkab”. Trust me, their chicken taco is flavorful; a zesty mix of spices and vegetables.

Festive Kabkab Chicken Tacos

This quaint, open-air restaurant also serve our all-time favorite “halo-halo”, but their version of this dessert was totally beyond my expectation—it’s not your typical halo-halo because they add vegetables like cabbages, sweet corn and diced radish. And yes, you read it right and it’s called “Vegetable Halo-Halo”.

The vegetable halo-halo tasted weird—weirdly-wonderful!

The taste of their “vegetable halo-halo” is unsurprisingly distinctive, including its texture. It looks like a typical “halo-halo” but tastes more likely of a fruit salad with a tangy twist because of the vegetables. Anyhow, I still had a mouthful of it.

Unlike the original taco, kabkab is crunchy with the right balance of saltiness

The owner of the restaurant is also an event stylist and florist, thus don’t be surprised if the restaurant is embellished with themed accents. D’ Koretor Asian Resto is located at the back of Philippine National Bank (PNB), R. Magsaysay Avenue, Baybay City, Leyte


Vegetable Halo-Halo – ₱120 (serves 1-2)
Kabkab Chicken Taco – ₱120 (serves 3-4)


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