Pedro’s Cafe: A Sweet Surprise

It was a hot summer afternoon in downtown Baybay City. I contacted my cousin, Mary Grace to accompany me to Pedro’s Café one of the city’s newest coffee shops. The store occupies the entire second level of a newly-constructed building just near the corner of D. Veloso and 30 de Deciembre Streets.

I’m wondering why the store is named Pedro’s Cafe, and all of a sudden, I just realized that it’s situated in Calle San Pedro (D. Veloso Street). In the city’s downtown area, people usually recognize the city streets not by its postal address but the name of the patron saint of that particular area. In this case, St. Peter (San Pedro) is the Patron Saint of D. Veloso St.

When we got inside the store, it was a sweet surprise! I thought Pedro’s Cafe looked really small on the outside, but it was absolutely airy and spacious inside. There’s plenty of seating for every customer who wants to experience their coffee blends, from the classic hot cups of cappuccino and cafe Americano, to their cold fruit shakes and frappes.

Open-air dining

It was our first visit to the store and we immediately noticed its breezy and casual atmosphere. You’ll have a good glimpse of the Baybay City Barbeque Plaza right across the street. Well, there’s nothing much interesting to see though from the store’s private open-air veranda, but its always fun to watch the world go by on a building’s 2nd floor.

You have the option to dine in their brightly-colored air-conditioned lounge, complete with cushioned seating or feel the breeze in their open-air alfresco style dining area where most of their tables are made of hardwood. We chose to stay inside their A/C lounge because we couldn’t stand the humidity outside (there are ceiling fans outside). I was amazed by their A/C lounge’s yellow and orange color palette and I can still smell the fresh paint (yes, I love the smell of fresh paint).

Their brightly-colored air-conditioned lounge

My cousin and I decided to try their specialty burger, named “Pedro’s Burger”, priced at PHP150, complete with few french fries with mayonnaise dipping and their Halo-Halo, priced at PHP100. Their Halo-Halo is quite pricey and I think its the city’s priciest. If you’ll ask me if there’s value for money then I would say yes. It was such a relief for the hot weather of course! They used fresh ingredients in their Halo-Halo and the umbrella garnish looked really cool.

Halo-Halo at PHP110

Their specialty burger was generally “okay”—it’s not something that you would really crave for but it was good! There’s really nothing “special” about their French Fries but who doesn’t love crispy fries dipped in mayo right? But what amazed me is their fresh bun and patty that is made out of 100% pure beef. Their patty was thick, though you might need extra mayonnaise or ketchup if you want extra flavor (the patty lacked a little bit of saltiness). They should improve their food plating because in some cities, a burger priced at PHP150 is huge and it’s super “Instagram-worthy”. But nevertheless their burger was still lip-smacking!


We had a good dining experience in the city’s newest coffee shop and I’m glad that Baybay is now adapting to the “coffee shop trend” because these kind of stores are perfect hangout spots with your friends in major cities around the country. Overall, Pedro’s Cafe is a great spot for people who simply want a good cup of coffee or tea while reading a good book. It was so quiet inside the lounge (so quiet there’s no music). A soft, ambient or jazz music could have transformed the mood. Their speakers are installed in the open-air area and they play pop music when we visited.

The cafe’s bar in their open-air dining area

In our next visit, we’ll try their coffee creations, after all it’s named Pedro’s Cafe so we’re expecting quality coffee. The price range of their blends is between PHP80 – PHP150. Their staff is friendly and their smiles are genuine that’s why if I have visitors soon, I’ll definitely bring them to Pedro’s Cafe.

Fast Fact: Pedro’s Cafe serve ice-cold beer and liquor.

Food: 7.5/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Customer Service: 9/10
Pros: Clean Restroom /  Laid-back Ambiance / Quality Food / Excellent Customer Service
Cons: No Music in A/C Lounge / No WiFi

co. D. Veloso and 30 de Deciembre Sts.
Baybay City, Leyte
Store Hours: 9am – 12am
Tel.No. 563-7709


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