5 Reasons Why You Should Now Fly Between Ormoc and Cebu

My family has been traveling regularly between the islands of Leyte and Cebu since I was a kid. For residents in Leyte like me, Cebu is definitely our go-to destination outside the province because it’s accessible especially if you live in the west coast.

Cities like Ormoc, Baybay, and Maasin along with the towns of Bato and Hilongos have ferries that ply on the islands in a daily basis. There are also fastcrafts slicing through the waters of Camotes Sea for about 21 knots making travel time between Cebu and Leyte span for just 3 hours.

While shipping is undeniably the most popular means of transportation between Leyte and Cebu, this new airline route by Cebu Pacific Air launched last November 2016 might just swift your mind from taking regular ferries to flying between the islands.

Here are 5 reasons why you should now consider flying between Ormoc and Cebu.

5. There’s a Free Shuttle Service to and from Ormoc Airport

You might be worried that Ormoc Airport is too far from downtown. Don’t worry, I also feel you. For non-Ormoc residents like me, I have absolutely no idea what public transport to I should take from the city proper to the airport. Thanks to the City Government of Ormoc for providing free shuttle service for Cebu Pacific Passengers.

Comfortable interiors of the airport shuttle service

The Serbisyong Gomez Bus is fully air-conditioned and comfortable—and to be honest, it was freezing that time. haha! The bus will be on standby on a daily basis across at Hotel Don Felipe in Iñaki Larrazabal Blvd.


Passengers arriving at Ormoc Airport need not to worry for public transport as the bus will also take them to downtown Ormoc City at no extra cost!

4. Smooth and Hassle-Free Domestic or International Transfers

Imagine yourself flying to an international destination from Mactan Airport and you took the ferry from Leyte to Cebu. The travel time isn’t only long, let’s also consider that the distance from the pier to the airport is still 17km away and most of the time, traffic is congested. During rush hours, traveling from the airport to Cebu City downtown can take up to an hour.


Same thing goes if you’re flying from a particular city to Cebu. If you have to catch your flight to Ormoc, just proceed to the Airport Transfers Area and you will save hours of your time for your connecting flight.

3. Forget the Queues and Save Time in Booking Your Ticket

There’s not a single shipping company serving Cebu to Leyte routes that offers guaranteed online ticketing services. During peak passenger seasons like holidays, shipping ticket outlets have long queues and let’s face it—it is never a fun experience.


With Cebu Pacific Air, online booking is as easy as ABC and 123. You can guarantee your flight in just a matter of minutes right on your fingertips. Ditch the long queues at ticket outlets when you can just book your tickets and even check-in at cebupacificair.com or the airline’s official mobile app that can be downloaded on iOs and Android devices for free.


2. Flying Between the Islands is Affordable

This applies well if you frequently travel for business. In most business class accommodation for fastcrafts and other ferries serving Leyte to Cebu routes, the average passage rate is around ₱900-₱1200. With Cebu Pacific Air, the average regular fare usually plays between ₱800-₱850.

Shayssa, Cabin Attendant on her safety demo during a flight from Cebu to Ormoc

Now who says flying costs you a fortune? The company is also offering seasonal promo fares where you can just fly from Ormoc to Cebu for just ₱299 all-in! Great deal, right?

Check-In Counter in Ormoc Airport

1. The Fastest Way in Traveling between Ormoc and Cebu

Personally, I have never thought that there’s even a faster and a much more convenient way in traveling between the islands, not until Cebu Pacific Air introduced its Cebu-Ormoc-Cebu flights in just a short 35 minutes flight through its twin-engine turboprop ATR 72-500 that can accommodate 72 passengers.

And yes, you read it right—the total flight time is just 35 minutes from the moment the aircraft moved on the runway to takeoff and when it landed at the airport. For the record, it’s the shortest plane ride I ever had in my life—plus, the view of Kalanggaman Island, the Leyte Cordillera and Camotes Sea from above is truly incredible.


Note: The Philippines’ largest airline, Cebu Pacific Air flies from Ormoc to Cebu and Cebu to Ormoc in a daily basis. Lowest year-round fares to Cebu or Ormoc start at PHP850+. For more details, visit http://www.cebupacificair.com or follow @CebuPacificAir on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


1 thought on “5 Reasons Why You Should Now Fly Between Ormoc and Cebu

  1. ross bartolini 19 Apr 2017 — 10:24 am

    not with cebu pacific though… i had several very bad experiences with the airline hopefully PAL will fly there too..I’d rather take the ferries i can be assured the trip to Ormoc is not cancelled or delayed except of course due to inclement weather..when i was little we used to take MV Emilia from ormoc to cebu it was an overnight trip passengers slept peacefully in “tejeras” and arrived cebu fully refreshed..those were the days when life was simple and slow devoid of the modern day husle n bustle.,.

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