Arts and Crafts Fair in Ormoc City: Eastern Visayas’ First

It’s always fascinating to see talented individuals who creates beautiful masterpieces in painting and calligraphy.

Who doesn’t appreciate art right? Well not all of us aren’t really into making different strokes on a piece of canvas to paint, but there is something in art that I think is stress-relieving and gratifying. In my personal experience, there’s no better way in expressing yourself creatively than making an artwork such as painting and calligraphy.

Painting by Anina Rubio

Calligraphy in particular is more than writing using a pricey broad-tip instrument on a pad of paper—it actually takes patience and skill to execute such harmonious writings that are incredibly satisfying to the eyes.

Artwork by Norman Bauzon

Many of the renowned beguiling paintings around the world has forever enthralled the art afficionados because the story of every artist’s masterpiece is often a mystery that becomes a classic.

Enrolling in in art classes and workshops are seriously not cheap. Hearing to some of the country’s most celebrated artists comes with a premium access pass and most of the time, art fairs are only held in major cities in the Philippines—well, not anymore this month because it’s finally happening in Ormoc City. The best part of all? It is absolutely FREE! (yep, you read it right!)

Artwork by Anina Rubio

The Ormoc City Visual Artists Association is bringing Eastern Visayas’ 1st Arts & Crafts Fair, co-presented by Shopko® that sells all the best school and office supplies in Leyte.


It’s a day filled with interactive product demonstrations—plus, a basic calligraphy workshop by reputable Filipino modern artists, Anina Rubio and Norman Bauzon. The fair is also selling premium art-related items such as Titus™ and Stabilo™ pens and markers that are discounted up to 50% off than the regular price of a famous bookstore chain in the country.


For the art-curious and those who truly appreciate art, save the date for this 1-day-only arts and crafts fair. Learn all the basics of art and all the things that “you should now” about painting and calligraphy. Who knows, you might just discover that you can have a career in art. Well, time to unleash your inner artistic side.

Yours truly with Ms. Evangeline Chan-Chu of Shopko®

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