The Ultimate Guide to Leyte’s Lintaon Peak & Cave in Baybay City

Lintaon Peak is vast, windswept highland situated about 10 kilometers southwest of downtown Baybay City in Leyte. It boasts a commanding view of the city proper, Camotes Sea, the majestic Leyte cordillera and surreal landscapes that go far as your eyes can see.

Photo ©Bernard Supetran

The sun gloriously rises at the mountain ranges and sets dramatically at sea creating lovely silhouettes of the famed Cuatro Islas of Leyte. As an emerging tourist destination in Eastern Visayas, the local government made the site more accessible by concreting the road leading to the peak.

Traveling to Baybay City

Baybay is strategically situated in the central west coast of Leyte Island. It has ferries that ply to and from Cebu City on a daily basis. Learn more:


Getting to Lintaon Peak

The photos might look like it’s gonna require you a vigorous mountain climbing—nope, absolutely not. You can reach Lintaon Peak with no sweat! Here’s my step-by-step guide in accessing the site in different scenarios below:

You are Commuting

  1. Take a pedicab from the city’s land transport terminal going to Brgy. Pomponan (ONE WAY FARE per person: ₱15.00 as of 04/17/17). Tip: Pedicabs heading south are all painted with red.
  2. The pedicab ride is a short 15-minute drive. Tell Manong Driver you’re heading to Lintaon Peak. He will recommend you habal-habal drivers who can take you uphill.
  3. Pomponan is an interior village. It will be your main access point to Lintaon Peak. Before you enter the village proper, you’ll definitely notice a directional sign leading to the destination.
  4. There are lots of habal-habals in the village because it is the only mode of transport going to the remote village of Lintaon. Yep, Lintaon is one of the 92 barangays in Baybay City. (ONE WAY FARE is per person is ₱25.00 as of 04/17/2017)
  5. You can make an arrangement with the driver to pick-you up on an agreed time if you want to spend longer hours at the site.
  6. It’s a 4.6-kilometer uphill drive which means it may take 10-15 minutes.
Road sign at co. Diversion Road and Baybay-Inopacan Road

You have a Vehicle

  1. Cars, SUVs, vans and motorcycle can easily access the site with a decent parking space uphill.
  2. Gas-up. It’s gonna be an uphill drive and your gas may be consumed quickly.
  3. Drive through the Baybay-Maasin Highway. You may also take the Diversion Road if you’re coming from Ormoc City. You’ll see a directional sign to Brgy. Pomponan and Lintaon Peak in the Baybay-Inopacan highway.
  4. Just follow the road until you’ll see the directional sign on your right. You will be turning left before you enter the village proper.
  5. A decent-sized parking space can be found at the site.
Road sign at Brgy. Pomponan

Reverie at the Hill

It’s always a reverie for me everytime I approach the vantage point of Lintaon Peak. The area is predominantly covered with grasses and the views—anywhere you look is postcard-perfect! Lintaon Peak is now the go-to destination for city dwellers who simply want to take a brisk walk in the cool breeze to be invigorated. I’ve been to Lintaon Peak many times but its stunning views never fail to captivate me until now.

This was my first photo at Lintaon Peak way back in 2013. I wonder how many people have seaten here after how many years. haha!

It’s Not Literally a “Peak”

Most people thought that Lintaon Peak has a summit but it’s not. The area is so vast it is technically surrounded with picturesque valleys, meadows and hills all in high elevation.

I admit, it was so hot during this time but the stunning views are all worth the sunburn. Bring an umbrella!

I highly encourage every visitors to hike around the peak and never limit your trip to the “famous rock”. Tradition has it that every visitor at Lintaon Peak must have a photo taken at the rock. What made the rock notable? Nothing special really. It’s just a protruding igneous rock where you can take a seat and do your pose for your Instagram.

Lintaon Peak isn’t only about the serene, blue sea (depending on the weather of course!), trek for just 15-20 minutes to the opposite side and you’ll find a spectacular rice terraces carved on the hillsides shared by the villages of Pomponan and Lintaon. It’s not that grand like Banaue’s (obviously) but the rice terraces at Lintaon is still postcard-pretty. Besides, we don’t get to see these fantastic man-made creations every day, well except if you live in Banaue.


Overnight Camping

While the site is ideal for a late afternoon picnic, an overnight camping is definitely a great experience. The view of the city lights at night is really pretty and waking up to the sunrise at the Leyte Cordillera is gratifying to both your mind and eyes. If you’re planning to stay overnight on your tents, make sure to secure the pegs tightly because it can be occasionally windy during nighttime.

Photo ©Akhroii Lumasag

I don’t really recommend building a campfire as the moderate to strong winds will just blow it off and spoil your moment so make sure to pack-up your portable LED lamps. No worries though, the temperature at the site won’t make you shiver but make sure to bring those extra-thick blanket as the early dawns at the peak can be 20°C.

Camping Reminders:

  1. Bring your own ready-to-eat food and beverage(s). Anyway, it’s just a short drive from the city.
  2. Leave nothing but footprints and memories. I know the lines are overused but come on, take care of our environment. It’s for our future and the future of your great grand children.
  3. As expected, there’s no electricity in the camping site but don’t you worry, the area is not pitch-black at all and there are no werewolves and centaurs (tikbalang). haha!
  4. Just to make sure, surround your tents with garlic, onions and rock salt to scare witches. (You know I’m just kidding, right?) 🤗
  5. Don’t ever forget your insect repellent. Lintaon Peak may be windy most of the time but sometimes the wind cycle of the place is unpredictable.
    * No worries, the area is generally safe and Lintaon is one of the most peaceful villages in the city.

Unforgettable Spelunking

⚠️ You have to be physically fit if you want to explore the cave.

Baybay’s own Lintaon Cave surprised me most and I must say it’s one of the best caves I’ve ever been—it’s the epitome of a great caving experience. The reason is simple: There are no tourists. It’s just between your group and the tourguide.


A 30-45 minute hike from the site will lead you to the cave—built by nature for those who are into real adventure. If you’re a non-outdoorsy person, I would scale the trek’s level of difficulty 5/10

Accessing the Cave:

  1. From the “famous rock” at the peak, you need to hike uphill. Just follow the road until you reach the plateau, you will find several houses there.
  2. Ask any of the villagers to lead you to the house of the Brgy. Chairman (Kapitan). The chieftain will be happy to provide you assistance eg. tourguide, flashlights and other essentials.
  3. I discourage getting inside the cave without a local guide. There are many chambers inside!
  4. The City Tourism Office of Baybay has already coordinated with the officials and locals of Brgy. Lintaon to ensure that all travelers are handled well.
  5. Tour Fees & Payment? They won’t give you a price and most of the time they will guide you leading to the cave for free. But I encourage you to hand-in some tip for your guide.

The entrance is narrow and the only way to enter the cave is to dunk in a 4-feet deep stream of fresh water, coming all the way from the mouth of the cave. Spelunking inside the Lintaon Cave requires you swim in some areas through a flowing underground river to get around its narrow chambers.

Photos ©Go! Leyte: Project Sunburn

Wear waterproof insect repellents. There were mosquitoes and other insects at the mouth of the cave when we went there. 

Lintaon Cave is not designed for the claustrophobic—the atmosphere feels “Jurrasic” and cryptic. Its arrow chambers look similar to a mysterious labyrinth. The cool waters of the subterranean streams provide inviting respites throughout the long trek. The thrill gets even better as some areas challenge you to climb about 4-5 feet high on the steep chambers before you can access a different passageway.

There is a different exit point at the cave, which means, there’s no going back. Unless if you want to submerge in the dark, flowing water again. Spelunking inside Lintaon Cave is approximately 25 minutes.

✅ The 25-minute route is designed for the tourists. If you’re seeking for the extreme, you can simply opt to explore more chambers inside the cave. Just inform your tour guide. NEVER explore the cave without a guide.


16,000 Blossoms

16,000 LED-powered roses, imported from Malaysia is part of the city’s tourism development plan at Lintaon Peak. According to Josefina K. Granada, the Tourism Officer of the City, a 8-story high statue of the Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception will soon be built at the site.


Construction of a multi-tiered pavilion with a viewdeck that will house all tourist facilities is underway. The LED-powered lights are switched-on between 6:00-6:30pm and switched-off at midnight. There is no entrance fee as of this writing.

Warm tones during sunset. If you want to avoid the crowd, visit the site as early as 7:00am.

See full HD video on YouTube:


Final Reminders

IMG_6506.PNGLintaon Peak & Cave is one of the newest natural attractions in the region. The local city ordinance requires everyone, whether a local or a visitor to exercise proper waste disposal.


A trash bin is provided by the local government at the site, however it is limited and due to the occasional winds that might blow your trashes, I discourage everyone to throw it on the bin, rather bring your trash, place it inside your bag and throw it once you reach home. Please be responsible in conserving the beauty of mother nature.

Never leave your trash anywhere, whether it’s a single piece of candy wrapper or a cigarette butt—it creates a huge impact on the environment.


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