Tingog Nanay: An Anthology of Motherhood Stories Book Launching in Ormoc City

Tingog Nanay, an anthology of Motherhood Stories by 19 writers and visual artists from Visayas and Mindanao, edited by Karla Quimsing, a Fellow of the San Agustin Writers Workshop, the longest running workshop in the region.

The launching event is open to everyone for free on Saturday, 20 May 2017, 3:00PM – 6:00PM at Origami Convention Center, Mejia Subdivision in Ormoc City.

Book Cover

Take advantage of an exclusive book offer where you can purchase the book at the venue for only ₱450.00 (originally priced at ₱500.00)

Reviews from different authors:

“Tingog Nanay, provocative collection of creative work, is a must-read for independent-minded mothers and women. It encourages readers and mothers to find strategies of resistance that can work for them, while also encouraging mothers to support each other in the struggle to resist the dominant discourse of motherhood. The contributors offer a great mix of narrative styles—combining personal and anecdotal examples with a political archive of feminist artwork that engages with the maternal.”
Hope Sabanpan-Yu, author of The Controlling Mother


“These are heartbreaks and hopes” – “sunlight on broken stones”, “eternal sunshine of the spotless mind”, and they allure and get you absorbed in details, ways of the mind, and manners of articulation that connects us to our shared experiences as women and human beings. Courageous, luminous, and moving—I am thrilled and proud that we have these women writers in lur midst.”
Genevieve L. Asenjo, author of Lumbay ng Dila and sa Gihapon, Palangga, ang Uran/ Always, Beloved, the Rain

“This collection is about motherhood, thus this is all of us who are mothers, who have been mothered. It is not a collection of motherhood statements, it is a coming together of voices. Voices seldom heard—because they’re not from the center, because they’re by women. These voices are everywhere, we hear them but don’t really listen. Our generation was birthed with mothers with no access to social media or the internet when they launched into motherhood. Unless you had a writer for a mother, chances are, you never would have heard her talk about what lay in the deepest recesses of her mind. This book is so important because it gives us a peek into motherhood as related to us by a diverse set of women writers and artists, writing about their many selves and personae, and subject matters otherwise considered taboo: motherhood is not what formula milk ads portray it to be. That the pieces are written in the different languages used in the southern regions of the Philippines adds not only poignancy but urgency. Motherhood is a womanhood, and a feminist issue. It is therefore an equality issue, and one that affects us all.”
Daryll Delgado, author of After The Body Displaces Water


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