Baybay Bubble Run 2017: Sunset Run + Foam Party

The most important criterion for hosting a marathon or a fun run is the area’s overall road network and terrain. In addition, the natural environment also affects the performance of the athletes.

The local government pushes to amplify the sports tourism in the city especially in events related to running. Thanks to the city’s ideal terrain and its wide thoroughfares, including the 5-kilometer diversion road where runners are not exposed to air pollution that definitely affects both their performance and health.


Baybay can already be considered as a benchmark in marathons after successfully hosting major events such as the 1st Baybay City Marathon (December 2016) followed by the region’s biggest triathlon, the 8080 Triathlon (April 2017). These major sports events created buzz as athletes coming from different areas in the Philippines and even international runners came to Baybay just to participate race.

Baybay is not new to running, the city has a strong circle of professional runners, the ‘Baybay City Runners’ (BCR) who are actively participating major marathons around the country.

In celebration of a decade since Baybay became a city, Baybay City Runners (BCR) in partnership with the City Government of Baybay will bring you a remarkable race and this time, it’s not just an ordinary race, it’s the city’s first Bubble Run. Participants will run through a foam boge, enough to cover you from head to toe.


Since this is a sunset run, live entertainment awaits runners from the finish line, complete with an foam party featuring rave music.


Register at:

Baybay Tourism & Investment Promotions Office (BTIPO)
Baybay City Gymnasium
R. Magsaysay Avenue

The Captain’s Grill & Restobar
JP Rizal Boulevard

* Winners for each category (male and female) will receive cash and special prizes up to top 10 winners.
* SPECIAL AWARDS both male and female:

  • Youngest Runner
  • Oldest runner
  • Sexiest runner
  • Best in Costume
  • Biggest Delegation
  • Fastest Delegation
  • Model Family





1 thought on “Baybay Bubble Run 2017: Sunset Run + Foam Party

  1. Filmar Silao 9 Jun 2017 — 2:49 pm

    Apil na ang shirt sa registration fee?

    Liked by 1 person

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