16,000 Blossoms Park in Baybay City, Leyte: How to get there?

The 16,000 Blossoms is a park perched on top of a hill called Lintaon Peak in Baybay, a city situated in the central west coast of Leyte Island. It features over 16,000 artifical white and red roses, all imported from Malaysia that glows at night through its LED bulbs.

While these fascinating roses has become a trend today—from Korea’s Dongnaemun Design Plaza and 10,000 Roses Cafe in Cordova, Cebu to the recently-opened Jardin Necitas Pilar Glowing Garden in Pilar, Bohol, Baybay’s version isn’t just about the illuminating roses, it’s about where the roses are embedded.


Lintaon Peak is a windswept highland giving you incredible views of the Leyte Cordillera and Camotes Sea from side to side. You can even see lovely silhouettes of the famed Cuatro Islas from here.


Getting to Baybay City from Manila:

There are regular flights serving Manila – Tacloban Routes via Cebu Pacific Air, Philippine Airlines and Air Asia.

1. From Tacloban Airport (Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport) take the jeep going to downtown Tacloban. Fare: ₱13.00 per pax
2. Once you reach downtown, find a tricycle and tell the driver to drop you off at Van-Van’s Terminal. Fare: ₱8.00 per pax
3. At Van-Van’s Terminal, find the van en route to Maasin City. These vans are franchised for Tacloban – Maasin route and Baybay is a stopover. Fare: ₱150.00 per pax
4. Traveling from Tacloban City to Baybay City is approximately 2 hours.
5. The van will drop you off at Baybay City Land Transport Terminal.

Jeepneys are the cheapest way to get from the airport to downtown and cost an average of ₱10.00 for a one way trip downtown, for a taxi or pedicab you are looking at ₱50-150; if asked for more, then you are being ripped off.

Tip: You will pass through winding roads from Abuyog town to the eastern barangays in Baybay before arriving at the terminal. If you know you’ll have motion sickness in zig-zag roads, you know what to prepare.

Air-conditioned vans at Van-Van’s Terminal in Tacloban City

The guide above is the cheapest way to get to Van-Van’s Terminal. If you want to pay extra for convenience, you can take the metered taxis waiting outside the airport terminal and drop you off directly at Van-Van’s Terminal. Fare is approximately ₱100-150 per taxi.

You are in Baybay City

At the Land Transport Terminal, find tricycles painted with red. All tricycles heading southbound are color-coded in red. You can also choose to ride multicabs heading south. Make sure to tell the driver your destination is Brgy. Pomponan – Lintaon Peak. For your convenience, just ask the friendly locals or preferably dispatchers that you heading to Lintaon Peak.

1. You will be hopping on a tricycle going to Brgy. Pomponan, 7.1km south of downtown Baybay City. It will be a 15-minute ride. Fare is ₱15.00 per pax.
2. Tell Manong Driver you’re heading to Lintaon Peak. He will recommend you habal-habal drivers who can take you uphill.
3. Pomponan is an interior village, 1.8km from the highway. It will be your main access point to Lintaon Peak. Before you enter the village proper, you’ll definitely notice a directional sign leading to the destination.
4. There are lots of habal-habals in the village because it is the only mode of transport going to the remote village of Lintaon. Yep, Lintaon is one of the 92 barangays in Baybay City. One way fare is ₱25.00 per pax.
5. It’s a 4.6-kilometer uphill drive which means it may take 10-15 minutes.
6. Upon returning from Lintaon Peak to Brgy. Pomponan, you can just find habal-habal drivers waiting in line near the entrance area of 16,000 Blossoms. Fare is still at ₱25.00 per pax.
7. Take the tricycle going back to downtown Baybay City from Brgy. Pomponan Proper. Fare is ₱15.00 per pax.

The Entrance Fee at 16,000 Blossoms Park is at ₱20.00 for adults and ₱10.00 for kids ages 12 and below.

Don’t worry about rolling on the hills. There are concrete pathways, complete with railings, benches for your convenience.

Expenses Summary:

Tricycle Fare to Brgy. Pomponan – ₱15.00
Habal-Habal Fare to Lintaon Peak – ₱25.00
Tricycle Fare from Brgy. Pomponan – ₱15.00
Habal-Habal Fare to Brgy. Pomponan – ₱25.00
Entrance Fee at 16,000 Blossoms – ₱20.00

Total Expenses: ₱100.00 per pax

Directional Sign at Brgy. Pomponan

You have a Vehicle

1. Cars, SUVs, vans and motorcycle can easily access the site with a decent parking space uphill.
2. Gas-up. It’s gonna be an uphill drive and your gas may be consumed quickly.
3. Drive through the Baybay-Maasin Highway. You may also take the Diversion Road if you’re coming from Ormoc City. You’ll see a directional sign to Brgy. Pomponan and Lintaon Peak in the Baybay-Inopacan highway.
4. Just follow the road until you’ll see the directional sign on your right. You will be turning left before you enter the village proper.
5. A decent-sized parking space can be found at the site.

TIP: 16,000 Blossoms is a park and there’s nothing much to do there aside from sightseeing in nature’s wonders. There are no stores selling food in the area so make sure to pack-up food and beverages. There are garbage bins provided for your trashes.

The best time to visit Lintaon Peak is during sunrise and sunset. If you don’t have choice but to visit the site in the middle of the day, DO NOT forget to bring your umbrella, sunglases and sunscreen.


Tourists flock to Lintaon Peak during late afternoons. I highly discourage you to visit Lintaon Peak during nighttime just to see the glowing roses because you cannot appreciate the place by just the 16,000 LED-lit roses. Lintaon Peak is about the spectacular natural views around you.


16,000 Blossoms is open 24/7. You can even build a tent and camp overnight. However, bonfires are strictly prohibited

Sunset at Lintaon Peak | Photo Courtesy of Discover MNL

Suggested Whole Day Itinerary in Baybay

0800H – Breakfast at Reggie’s Coffee Hub
0900H – Visayas State University
* Natural Museum History
* Search for Truth Statue
* Japanese Garden
* Pasalubong Center
* Ecopark
1130H – Lunch at Minggay’s Barbecue
1300H – Downtown Potpot Riding Tour
* Immaculate Conception Church
* Veterans Park / Plaza Independencia
* A. Bonifacio Street
* A. Mabini Street (Heritage Lane)
1500H – Try Kabkab & Vegetable Halo-Halo at D’Koretor Asian Restaurant
1600H – Diocesan Shrine of San Antonio de Padua
1700H – Lintaon Peak
1900H – Dinner at Ciudad Coffee & Bar


Suggested Accommodation

VSU Appartelle | Photo Courtesy of LGU Baybay

VSU Appartelle
Visayas State University
Tel. No. (053) 335-2499

VSU Hostel
Visayas State University
Tel. No. (053) 335-2612

GV Hotel
A. Bonifacio St. Baybay City
Tel. No. (053) 335-822
For more information, visit www. gvhotels.com.ph

Jose Rizal Boulevard, Baybay City
Tel. No. (053) 335-2422

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  1. Jericho Penalosa 26 Mar 2018 — 6:47 pm

    Just wanna ask is there a pool in VSU?..

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    1. Hi Jerico! Yes, there’s a resort with a great pool just walking distance from the Appartelle. Entrance fee is at ₱75.00 per pax. There are also cottages for rent. Check out this link for details. Thanks! https://www.vsu.edu.ph/services/accommodation

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