Adoration Monastery of Our Lady of Marangog in Hilongos, Leyte: Faith and Tourism

HILONGOS, LEYTE—In the coastal town of Hilongos, about 45km south of Baybay City lies one of the most beautiful Marian monasteries in the region. Built on the scenic rolling hills of Hilongos town is the Adoration Monastery of Our Lady of Marangog.


Situated about 12km east of the town proper, it is not only a great place for meditation and reflection, pilgrims can also enjoy incredible vistas of the Hilongos coastline.


The main chapel is a richly-adorned building, complete with concrete cherubs on the façade and manicured shrubs that houses a life-size image of Our Lady of Marangog that is believed to be miraclous.


Just few meters from the main chapel is a Marian Garden, a grassy open space that features a grotto with a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes and Saint Bernadette Soubirous.


Walk further and it will lead you to the Stations of the Cross, a gradually ascending pathway. Each station is marked with intricately-carved concrete statues depicting Jesus’ way of the cross.


Upon reaching the last station, you will marvel an imposing castle-like structure that houses an oversized image of the Divine Mercy. In the image, Jesus stands with one hand outstretched in blessing, the other clutching the side wounded by the spear, from which proceed beams of falling lights.



Entrance to the monastery is free and is open from 6:00am until 5:00pm. Getting there is not a smooth ride. Portions of the 12km road are not yet concrete—it is a bumpy ride. There are habal-habals that can take you to the monastery but it may be inconvenient and one way trip can cost up to ₱150 per person. I suggest pilgrims to form a group and rent a van.

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