Dann Mar Venue & Tuna Grill: Best Tuna in Baybay City

Dann Mar Venue & Tuna Grill features their premium, export-quality selection of tuna cuts shipped weekly from General Santos City in Mindanao, the country’s tuna capital. Experience their best-selling grilled tuna with no artificial flavors and preservatives added.

It is slowly grilled in traditional burning charcoals making its succulent meat burst its natural, smokey flavor. Enjoy their fantastic variety of cuisines in their alfresco dining and native

cottages facing Camotes Sea. #DMazingVenueAndTunaGrill

Dann Mar Venue & Tuna Grill

📍 Sitio Pandan, Brgy. Bitanhuan

Baybay City, Leyte

approx. 9km south of downtown

via Baybay-Inopacan road

✅ Tel. No. +63 (053) 563-0546

✅ Operating Hours: 10:00am-8:30pm


1. Guaranteed fresh, premium tunas

2. Airy atmosphere (along the shoreline)

3. Gracious owners/hosts

4. Excellent serving time of food


1. Staff efficiency needs improvement

2. It can get humid during lunchtime

✅ TIP: Best time to visit is during sunset. They have picturesque sunsets at sea. Their grilled tuna should be your #1 order.

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