E-Silid Aralan: A Great Alternative to Modular Learning

The School Year is about to start amid the pandemic and a time of uncertainty. Survey shows that most parents prefer modular learning over physical classes. After all, the health and safety of their childen will always be the utmost priority.

Let’s face it: in the Philippine setting, internet connection is really slow—most of the time intermittent especially in rural areas. The truth is, many barangays in the provinces don’t even have cellular reception. As the trend of online learning continues to rise, this high demand might even result to a slower internet speed.

Modular Learning Method is a great alternative over physical classes, but here’s the catch: It is still risky, considering that our teachers need to deliver the modules straight to the houses of the students. Sadly, cases of local transmission has been reported in different areas of the country.

Macrohon Automation and Industrial Services Corp. that specializes in supplying and installing industrial electronics and providing seamless solutions to IT systems, developed a new, patented technology that might just be the answer to the internet woes for online learning.

No internet? No problem! Yep, you read it right. The company just developed “E- Silid Aralan”—an Offline Remote Classroom System designed to allow Educators and learners have Classes without the need of internet connection. It is easy and manageable for both the students and their teachers with the use of wireless access points.

An access point is a device that creates a wireless local area network that allows schools send and receive data to and from their students OFFLINE. It acts as a cellular site tower that provides signals to our mobiles.

How does E-silid Aralan Work?

E-silid aralan works as a state-of-the-art learning system that works offline. With the help of wireless access points, students located in areas without internet are able to join video or voice conferencing and real-time student-teacher-student interaction. This system is equipped with materials fit from elementary pupils up to college students.

Today, the number of COVID-19 cases in the Philippines is rising continuously but learning should not be compromised. Thanks to the crack team behind the system of E-Silid Aralan, they designed a user-friendly system that doesn’t require complicated trainings. It’s not only safe, efficient and convenient, but it will definitely enhance the students’ learning experience without worrying unstable internet connection.

For more information, contact

Nikka Ynot
Research and Development Manager


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