696B16D4-5C6E-40F0-B6C6-1071022F560EAsk someone residing in metropolitan areas in the country such as Manila, Davao or Cebu if they know anything about the city of Baybay. Well, you know the answer and it’s undeniable—Baybay isn’t really a popular place. Unsurprisingly, some people doesn’t even know that Baybay is an existing Philippine city.

And that’s exactly the reason why I created this blog. By the way, my name is Alden Escabarte—born and raised in Baybay. I studied hospitality and tourism and it has always been my advocacy to showcase all the great things of my humble hometown. The Philippines is a beautiful country and we are all familiar of our top destinations—Cebu, Bohol, Boracay, Palawan, etc. I had the opportunity to travel to many places but in the end of the day, I still want to tell stories about my home. Before promoting the rest of the Philippines, why not start first with your own hometown, right?

Surreal views at Lintaon Peak

So on an ordinary day way back in November 2011, I created Discover Baybay City. Seriously, I didn’t even plan to be a blogger and I’m not even aware what a blogger is way back then. I guess it’s just about my love for my hometown why my blog has grown through the years.

River trekking at Pangasugan River

FF513FFF-05B4-4739-A300-C063D820AD93.jpegDespite the fact that Baybay is just a small city, its online presence is influential in the region. The 6-year old online community is the first and only city-centric blog in Baybay with 60,000+ hits*. Its social media platforms are unrivaled with high audience reach and engagement rate, taking pride of having 51,000+ organic followers on Facebook* and 2,000+ organic followers on its newly-created Instagram*  account.  Thanks to you, Discover Baybay City is one of the leading city-centric blogs in Eastern Visayas. *as of 03/2020.

As I wandered around the city and its countryside, I knew ultimately that Baybay has still a lot of things awaiting to be discovered or explored.

I was invited as Resource Speaker about blogging at Eastern Visayas State University – Ormoc City

A7916F0E-1E9A-4A2F-85FF-73A08542C658.jpegThis is the most unexpected part of my blogger career. I had the opportunity  to work with different businesses, groups,  companies and organizations not just limited to Baybay City or Eastern Visayas but across the country. 


Discover Baybay City was the only partner blog for Cebu Pacific Air (Ormoc-Cebu Operations) and supported by the Baybay Tourism and Investment Promotions Office (BTIPO) through full assistance in different site tours in the city and various tourism-related projects.

Hospitality + Tourism = BooOOoomm! Convention
4 February 2020 – Convention Speaker
Western Leyte College – Ormoc City

Seminar on “Be an Agvocate: Usage of Social Media in Agriculture Promotion (USAP)”
22 February 2019 – Keynote Speaker
Visayas State University – Baybay City

Seminar on “Current Trends in the Hospitality Industry” 
26 April 2020 – Resource Speaker
Western Leyte College – Ormoc City

Seminar on “Promoting Tourism through Blogging and Social Media
24 March 2018 – Resource Speaker
STI College – Ormoc City

Seminar on “Effective Norms of Blogging”
23 March 2017 – Keynote Speaker
Eastern Visayas State University – Ormoc City

Valentine’s Event: “Love is a Work of Heart”
14 February 2017 – Executive Producer
Origami Center, Ormoc City

Taboan Expo: Food & Lifestyle Nightmarket
19-23 December 2016 – Executive Producer
Ormoc City Plaza Quadrangle

Baybay City Tourism Promotional Video
9 December 2016 – Executive Producer
Baybay City

Gugma Muzika: Summer Battle of the Bands
March 2013 – Producer
Baybay City Gymnasium

Resource Speaker at STI College Ormoc City on Promoting Tourism through Blogging & Social Media

As seen on


Worked with some of the top brands

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