About DBC

Discover Baybay City is the brainchild of Alden Escabarte. The story dates back to November 2011—realizing the increasing popularity of Facebook, he created the Facebook page, Discover Baybay City. The platform is anchored in his vision and advocacy to promote local tourism in the city. 

Through the years, Discover Baybay City has become one of the most influential city-centric platforms in Eastern Visayas. Alden never thought that his simple, personal advocacy can create ripples in the community, not just in the city, but across the region.

Alden talked about his platform at Eastern Visayas State University – Ormoc City Campus

Discover Baybay City started as a personal blog but evolved into a digital media platform. The online community has grown fast in the past decade. Discover Baybay City, with more than 85,000 organic followers has become the #1 and most followed online community in Baybay City. Today, Discover Baybay City is comprised of a crack team to consistently deliver the best quality content and meet the demands of our partners.

Discover Baybay City, or simply “DBC” as the team calls it is a synergy. Alden, being the founder is the Editor-in-Chief of Discover Baybay City. He is ultimately responsible for the final content and editorial direction the platform produces. Pidi, the Managing Editor is in charge of the awesome content ideas you see on the platform. Allen’s expertise is in sales and marketing. Our clients whom we call partners go through him to help in their digital marketing needs. Allen is a marketing professional with extensive experience in Canada.

Speaking Engagements

  • Hospitality + Tourism = BooOOoomm! Convention
    4 February 2020 – Convention Speaker
    Western Leyte College – Ormoc City
  • Seminar on “Be an Agvocate: Usage of Social Media in Agriculture Promotion (USAP)”
    22 February 2019 – Keynote Speaker
    Visayas State University – Baybay City
  • Seminar on “Current Trends in the Hospitality Industry” 
    26 April 2020 – Resource Speaker
    Western Leyte College – Ormoc City
  • Seminar on “Promoting Tourism through Blogging and Social Media
    24 March 2018 – Resource Speaker
    STI College – Ormoc City
  • Seminar on “Effective Norms of Blogging”
    23 March 2017 – Keynote Speaker
    Eastern Visayas State University – Ormoc City
Resource Speaker at STI College Ormoc City on Promoting Tourism through Blogging & Social Media

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