The Ultimate Guide to Leyte’s Lintaon Peak & Cave in Baybay City

Lintaon Peak is vast, windswept highland situated about 10 kilometers southwest of downtown Baybay City in Leyte. It boasts a commanding view of the city proper, Camotes Sea, the majestic Leyte cordillera and surreal landscapes that go far as your eyes can see. The sun gloriously rises at the mountain ranges and sets dramatically at [...]


Leyte’s Majestic Mount Pangasugan: A Pristine Rainforest

Situated in the northern district of Baybay City in Leyte lies one of the last remaining rainforests in the Philippines. The 3,770-feet high Mount Pangasugan is very steep with dense tropical vegetation, making it a home to an astonishing number of endemic flora and fauna species. Mount Pangasugan is an abundant source of spring water [...]

History: Baybay’s Immaculate Conception Church

Early Beginnings The Augustinian Friars who came from Europe founded the Baybay parish in 1567. That year, the Augustinians conceded the parish to the Franciscan friars who devoted themselves to the organization of the ancient system of barangays and persuaded the natives to settle down near a church When the town of Palompon became a [...]